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• Gaïa •

Dreamin’ about Gaia ; Roamin’ around imaginary fields of flowers ; Grounded & surrounded by nothing ; But the nothing was surrounded by us ; Mother Earth was calling ; So we called her back, amazed by her endless beauty. The rain passed by ; I was walkin’ on the muddy path ; The daisies were hidden and shy ; Until the Sun rises again. We belong to Gaia […] Cécilia ❁ ⋒☾

• Sea Odyssey •

I chased freedom when the sabbatical calls ; I was learning how to be inspired by the ocean. Healing, growing & praying for better days ; Victorious, ambitious & hopeful as always. Finding a golden & sandy path to get salty ; And finally be ready to escape the ordinary […] Cécilia ❁ ⋒☾ Picture by Simon Fitz

• Spring poetry •

Blooming is in the air, Is your intuition hungry for flowers ? You sat still to admire the beauty of the Earth, The dance of nature was sacred, Barefoot & dancing on a flowerbed, Like it was the first day of your life, This was the gift that dances across your gloomiest days, This was spring poetry […] Cécilia ❁⋒☾